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Letters From Listeners

Inappropriate Clothing on Teen Girls

Dr. Laura,

My husband teaches Jr. and Sr. High School and sees teenage and even preteen girls, dressed like street walkers and MTV dancers. This in and of itself shows a lack of parental involvement at home, but it gets worse from there.

As a male teacher, my husband is not even allowed to enforce the dress code on these young girls. The school had to set such rules in place for the TEACHERS' protection. If a male teacher comments on a female student's body parts hanging out, it means that he was "looking" at her inappropriately.

Unfortunately, it is all too common these days for young girls, (and sometimes boys), to understand way too much about why women dress like sluts, and will throw a teacher under the bus for something as simple as enforcing the dress code; claiming that he/she was "checking me out".

Obviously these teens need less adult T.V., more time with their parents, and, *gasp*, they might even benefit from a strong male influence telling them to be responsible for their own image.

Instead they are being told it is ok to treat themselves, and others, with no respect, and that finger-pointing is better than owning up to their mistakes.

Thanks for all you do Dr. Laura. Keep up the good fight!


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