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Letters From Listeners


Dr. Laura,

Your recent commentary about people who throw away their integrity and defile their character to get ahead in corporate America struck home for me. My husband spent three years of our life in a grueling routine building a company. It's no mystery that it takes a lot of guts to start a company these days, but against all odds we were successful. It came at the meager price of family time, the great sex we had always had, and peace in our lives (note the sarcasm).

We found ourselves relying on our partner to handle one side of the business while my husband handled the other. It took a great deal of trust, but due to the immense work load it also wasn't optional. We were grateful that we could do this.

Our success led another similar company to have interest in buying us. As if we were in a twilight zone, over night our partner did some legal but incredibly immoral things to tear apart our company and get in bed with the new one. His primary concern seemed to be where his cushy office would go. After three years he threw us away for his own gain. Offered an insulting position at the new company, we stuck out the job for a little over a month until all our employees were squared away and then we quit.

Due to the fact that we sacrificed more for our employees all those years and personally worked with each one to make them successful we quickly discovered how very loyal they were to us and not our partner. Not one person remains of our old company. They have all moved on. Our partner found himself getting a daily reaming from his new boss. Yesterday I saw the one slimy employee we had who chose to stay and weasel his way into my husband's position looked like he'd been hit by a truck. After several grueling months they had finally had a successful week, but they were clearly paying the price in other ways.

Meanwhile we have been working our new job. We are stress free. We have piles of family time and the sex is better than ever. Oh, and the great money we are making sure isn't bad either.

Funny how our greedy partner burned us bad, threw away his reputation and his character and he is worse off than before. We took the high road. We left in the most classy of ways. Now here we are, grateful for what started out as a sickening betrayal. Every single one of our employees came to my husband during the transition and expressed their deep gratitude and trust in my husband. We were humbled and grateful for all the kind words. It brought us peace. And now we are skipping off into the sunset. I guess sometimes people get what's coming to them. It happened for us, and our partner.

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