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Email of the Day

It's Official. I've Resigned.

Dear Dr. Laura,

I was soooo mad at you after I started listening to your show again after 15 years. My mom was a fan when I was a teenager, then I went off to college and never heard your show again until I bought a new car equipped with Sirius XM.

I was mad because after giving birth to my first baby, I put her in day care (heart broken and all), and I dutifully returned to work when she was three months old. I always felt guilty because I DID the wrong thing and I knew it. When I heard you get on working moms for dumping their little babies in day care, I became enraged because I thought, "Why don't you pay my student loans," or "Why don't you try living in Northern VA with the cost of living, taxes and medical..." Yadda, yadda, yadda....

Well, I've clearly come to my senses. Once I decided that I needed to make some changes and stop sacrificing my family for a 6 figure income, everything fell into place. Doors opened. I informed my husband I would be quitting my job and I informed everyone else too. They asked "What are you going to do?" I said, "I'm going to raise my child." What horror!  People really thought I was nuts, but that's OK.  I found an amazing work-from-home opportunity. The sky is the limit on my income. My husband also now has a small side business in addition to his full-time job. Instead of a nine-to-fiver, I now own two businesses from home.  This allows me to be my husband's girlfriend and my daughter's mommy because I will have the time and energy to do so. Thank you, Dr. Laura, for having the guts to challenge former feminists like myself to be the best we can be! I love you and may you live longer than Methuselah....We need your good sense to remain in this world!


P.S. And yes, folks think I am crazy for earning a doctorate and choosing to stay home with my baby... but you and I know I'm perfectly sane!


Tags: Education, Husband's Girlfriend, Parenting, Read On-Air, SAHM stay-at-home mom, Values
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