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Letters From Listeners

It's Only Greener for a Season

It takes a bigger-than-life person to overcome infidelity in a marriage. The thoughts of one's spouse sleeping with someone else, doing every intimate act they have done, would be forever in that person's mind. Every time they would have sex, they would be reminded of their spouse's infidelity and naturally put up a wall. If one is going to do something such as this, they must never ever tell their spouse. If they feel the marriage is over, then get out and don't bring home diseases to the other person. If they realized they made a mistake, then ask God for forgiveness and make every effort to spend the rest of their lives making their spouse the center of the universe. 

Spouses innately will know when there is a change in their spouse. There will be little things, like all of a sudden they are dressing differently, taking better care of themselves, losing weight, changing their work schedule. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize something is up. Life happens and it's imperative a spouse doesn't let life get in the way of their marriage. It's time we take a stand and make marriage a priority and change the statistics of divorce. The grass is the same color in every city, state and country. There is no such thing as the grass is greener on the other side. It's only greener for a season and then there is nothing new under the sun. 

And this IS my so ever humble opinion. 

Tags: Adultery, Choose Wisely-Treat Kindly, Marriage, Relationships, Sex
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