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Email of the Day

It's Starting To Sink In

I've listened to you for over 20 years, and my 15-year-old daughter now listens to your show with me.  It's sinking in!  

My 20-year-old niece announced she is quitting college and moving three states away with her boyfriend.  My sister told us that some friends were going to throw her a housewarming shower.  Without missing a beat, my daughter said the following:  "That's awful!  Mom and I won't be there, right Mom?"  I told my astonished sister that, in fact, we would not be attending.  My daughter went on to say that shacking up is not a reason to celebrate and that she hopes her cousin uses reliable birth control and is ready to support herself.  My sister was shocked, but I was proud.  

After my sister left, my daughter told me she's glad we listened to you, Dr. Laura, so we wouldn't mess up our own lives!  I told her I was glad, too.  Thank you for guiding me in raising my children the right way.  You provide a wonderful service to your listeners.  Now, if they will only pay attention!

Much love,


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Tags: Parenting, Personal Responsibility, Relatives, Ten Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives, Values
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