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Email of the Day

It's Worth The Sacrifice

I got married 5 years ago, and a year later, I got pregnant with my first child.  I was working full time, but heard you talk about stay-at-home mothers and how they should embrace the fact that they're with their children all day.  

My mother was also a stay-at-home mom to me and my younger brother.  I always felt safe because when I was sick or at a game, there was always at least one parent there and it meant the world to me and my brother.  With my own situation, I thought I would continue working, but as soon as I had my first child, within seconds I told my husband there is no way I wanted to go back to work.  I wanted to raise our kids the way my mother raised me.  

It was hard at first, because my husband earned all the money, and it took a few months of listening to you to realize that what I was doing was the most amazing job I could ever have.  It is also definitely worth the sacrifice, and by sacrifice, I mean financially.  Thank you for teaching me more than anyone that being a mother IS my job and the most important thing I will ever do.  I'm proud to call myself a full-time mother.  I hope my two sons will give the same opportunity to their spouses when they grow up.


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