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Email of the Day

Joining In With The Festivities

Dr. Laura:

Recently, our family had friends visiting one weekend, and they have a 9 year old boy.At bedtime, his mom was tucking him in, and I joined the "festivities," giving him a stuffed animal, tickles and kisses, and I turned on the night light for him.  

I have only one daughter left at home, and she's 16.  After the 9 year old was in bed, I went to my daughter's room and asked if she would mind if I tucked HER in!  I said I missed doing that, because I did it all the time when she was little.  She looked at me like I had lost my marbles, but she agreed.  I straightened her sheets and fluffed her pillows, then told her stories about when she was little.  I gave her kisses and turned out the light.  
I'm so glad I asked and that she accepted, because the precious days of doing these little things for our kids disappear so quickly.  I still offer to tuck her in occasionally, and sometimes she accepts and at other times she declines.  I suggest families with young children make the most of these precious moments when they are little, because before you know it, they are up and out, and those opportunities are only fond memories.


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