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Email of the Day

Just A Little Effort Can Make The Biggest Impact

I recently heard a caller to your show who was newly married but didn't seem to have time for or interest in her husband!  You suggested she get out of bed in the morning and make coffee.  That same advice inspired me long ago.  I always considered myself a good wife and I loved my husband dearly.  I heard you challenge a woman to do all the little things that make a man want to come home to you.  So, I set my alarm early the next day, got up and made my husband a delicious breakfast, and packed him a lunch with a sweet note inside.  He was completely thrilled, and I continued this morning ritual, which he loved.  I even decided to compete with myself to see how happy I could make him, upping the bar on my home-cooked dinners with new recipes and more.  Our marriage went from good to phenomenal.  We were like two love-sick teenagers, always giggling and holding hands.

Last year, we were shocked when he was diagnosed with leukemia.  I visited him every day he was in the hospital, and I stayed many nights to rub his feet or hold his hand.  Sadly, he lost the battle several months later.  Although of course I wish I had more time with him, I have NO regrets.  You never know what the future holds, and I'm so thankful I spent my days dreaming up new ways to show him my love.  I miss him every day, but now live my life in peace.  Thank you, Dr. Laura, for continuing to remind us that just a little effort can make the biggest impact.



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