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Email of the Day

Just the Push I Needed

Dr. Laura:

I called you once, and you gave me a stern lecture about what a fool I was for putting up with the cruel way in which my college age daughter treated me.  You suggested I speak to a therapist, and I followed your advice.  

After only 20 minutes, this therapist said he thought I should bring my daughter with me for one of our sessions, and much to my surprise, she agreed.  After a few minutes of strained conversation, he asked to speak with me alone, and told me I was afraid of my daughter!  I told him I was afraid to anger her, which might lead to not seeing her again.  But when we got back to the house, I figured "what the hell" and started to gently have a discussion with her.  She shared with me some problems she had with anger among other issues.  It was the best conversation we ever had.

Although she admitted that we might never have the close relationship that she thought I wanted, I accepted that and we had a nice weekend together.  Thank you with all my heart for giving me the push I needed to get out into the open the problem that had been breaking my heart for years.

Tags: Adult Child-Parent, Attitude, Behavior, Mental Health, Personal Responsibility, Regarding Dr. Laura, Stress, Teens
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