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Email of the Day

Keep On Rockin' and Talkin'

I am grateful my husband frequently listened at work to your program 25 years ago.  With you on his shoulder, he mapped out our budget so that I could be a stay-at-home mom once our new baby arrived.  My own mother had been a working mom and I had never imagined myself in a different role.  Being my daughter's mom, however, became my best job ever.  While simultaneously demanding and enriching, it was a life-changing experience.

I have great memories of spending constant-companion time with her, including listening to her mimicking you from her back-seat booster in my car: "Hi, welcome to the program!  How can I help you today?"  We listened to you whenever we were on the go in my car. 

Next, I made a career choice while she was in grade school.  As I helped out as the "room mom," I decided to return to school for my degree in education.  I've now taught fifth grade for 15 years.

I can see how my at-home experience was great role-modeling for my daughter too.  She's getting married soon, and she's planned her career choices around the goal of being a stay-at-home mom in the future. 

Keep on rockin' and talkin' about those of us who raise our kidlets!


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