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Letters From Listeners

Learning To Treat Kindly

Hello Dr. Laura:

I am 50-years-old. My husband is in the Army Reserves, our 21-year-old son will be in the Army upon his college graduation and my 19-year-old son was sworn into the USAF last week! I have listened to you off and on for years but have never really taken your advice on how to "treat kindly" to heart. Recently I started listening to you via Podcast. You've helped me learn and grow.

There are several things I would like to tell you that I feel have been part of my transformation:

  1. I love hearing about your successes with your training. I started to workout 5 days a week and have not looked back! I also know how difficult a front squat is to do!! My favorite thing to do is tell my husband about my WOD and he loves to listen. I also ran 2 - 13.1 1/2 Marathons in the last year with my husband. I am no longer on my Type 2 diabetes medication and have never felt better. 

  2. My husband has always wanted me to be more healthy. He is excited for his new woman/girlfriend. 

  3. I have decided to strive to put your "treat kindly" idea into action; since I did obviously "choose wisely". Recently, my husband had a day off of work. He offered to take my car in for the oil change it desperately needed. A happy man is wonderful to have around and it does not take much to make him happy. What a guy!

  4. I just wish I would have had my attitude adjustment sooner in life...but from here forward, I am going to remain my kids' mom and just as husband's girlfriend. 

  5. I also started putting God's word in my life on a daily basis. I think that has made a huge difference for me too! 

Thank you, Dr. Laura, for plugging away everyday with the plain truth that people need to hear. 

Love you, 


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