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Email of the Day

Learning to Give at a Young Age

My son made a lemonade and cookies refreshment stand in our neighborhood.  He sat out in the hot sun for hours and only made three dollars.  Even though I had him use sunscreen, he got burned a bit.  He closed up the stand, and we decided to go buy him some relief for his sunburn. 

As we headed out of the parking lot, we drove past a man panhandling on the corner.  My boy noticed his family under a tree nearby to escape the sun, and then he said "Mom, turn around please.  I want to give my three dollars to that man."  I said "Honey, you worked so hard and in the heat all day for the money, so it's not a bad thing that you keep what you've earned."  He insisted, saying "that man has a family with him, and he needs it more than I do."  So, since HE had earned it, I turned around and he gave the three dollars to the family.  I was so proud of how hard he worked for the money and then how giving he was at the young age of nine.  I'm also proud of my husband, the man who has helped develop such great boys who will no doubt make wonderful husbands and fathers one day.

Tags: Behavior, Character-Courage-Conscience, Motherhood-Fatherhood, Parenting
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