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Letters From Listeners

Leaving on a Bad Note

Hi Dr. Laura,

I was listening to your podcast of the March 12th show and I heard you talking to a lady who's nephew died while she was not speaking to him. Your advice was more than wise, it was hard hitting.

When my second daughter was born (about 12 years ago) my mother and I got into some pretty heated arguments which eventually led to us not speaking for years. About 3 months after my youngest daughter was born, my mom got very sick and ended up in the hospital in a coma for 30 days. I visited her every day and swore that I would never let something come between us again.

After about 30 days in the coma, she came around and was on the path to full recovery. She and I made amends and during her rehabilitation time I visited her every other night. About 7 days into the rehab treatment I made a visit and we got into a little spat about her and her sisters. I left that night saying that I was going to be back with her granddaughter who she hadn't yet met. But I left without giving her a hug or kiss goodbye because she had made me so mad.

The next morning I got a call telling me she was going to be coming home that night so we were all going to meet at her home. Then later that same day I the news she had died from a blood clot that formed during her time in the coma.

It took me over three years to get over the guilt of not giving her that last hug and kiss goodbye. Even now, writing this it brings me back to the terrible nights of anguishing over being so immature and wrong. The worst part is, she never did get to see my youngest daughter...

I love your show, it has made me a better man and should be mandatory listening. Please keep up the great work.

Best regards,


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