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Letters From Listeners

Left Me for another Man

Dr. Laura,

I was a victim of infidelity two years ago. I worshipped my wife, trusted her implicitly, and believed and loved her throughout our 18 years of marriage.

On 14 March 2011 my "wonderful" wife told me she didn't feel loved (?) and was going to leave me for another man. I was completely devastated. I'm Catholic, and didn't believe in divorce. I believed in our vows promised in front of God, each other, our family and friends. Yet, my wife of 18 years destroyed any faith in marriage I ever had. I felt terribly betrayed, having been by her side through all the deaths in her family, the surgeries on her back, the time she had a terrible infection from the birth of our only son, and the time she almost died from uterine cancer.

Now we are strangers.  She married her new man as soon as it was legal to after our divorce became final. I am alone, not wanting to risk another bitter disappointment. I fill my days with community service, and then come home to an empty house. I have removed all reminders of my marriage to my ex, yet the memories are still there: most good, some very bad. I rejoice in my life, but cannot fill the hole my ex left in me.

My parents were married for over 40 years. What happened to the morals and values that were instilled into me, but seem to be lacking in all who I meet? I hope you will read this on your program - maybe it will make others think twice before they abandon their spouse of many years.

Thank You Dr. Laura.


Tags: Adultery, Commitment, Divorce, Infidelity, Marriage, Marriage vows, Religion
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