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Email of the Day

Lessons to Ponder


Dear Dr. Laura:

I have been listening to your show for several years now and have found the recent topic, "Why doesn't matter", very helpful. Let me preface this story by saying I am 50 years old and in pretty good physical shape.

Approximately eight months ago, I was attacked and nearly killed by a stranger while riding my bicycle on a ride I have done thousands of times over the past 20 years. My attacker was 18 years younger, at least 4 inches taller and 40-60 pounds heavier than I.

The "fight" lasted approximately 90 seconds. During that time my mind raced in a million directions. First, was "Why is this man running at me and why is he trying to hurt me?" Luckily, those thoughts didn't last long and I tried to recall techniques from a self-defense class I had taken 30 years ago. Not only was I at a disadvantage of age, height and weight, but I was also rehabilitating from a knee injury that had required surgical intervention.

Ultimately, my life was saved by another cyclist who happened upon the situation. I had just met this particular cyclist the day before in almost the same exact spot! 

I am unable to get into too many of the particulars as this case is still pending, but here are a few of my lessons to ponder:

1. It is true that you never know who you might meet one day may end up saving your life the next.

2. Take a self-defense class and review techniques periodically. You have one MAYBE two chances to hurt someone trying to hurt you so you better make the first count. 

3. You don't have to be physically bigger or stronger to survive an attack, but you do need to be prepared.

4. "Why" this man wanted to hurt me does not really matter. For several months I was waiting to hear about possible reasons but I have given up that notion. As far as I know he is not mentally ill and was not under the influence of drugs. I can only hope that he gets enough time behind bars to think about "why" and not repeat this type of crime again.

5. I fought hard to live and I will not allow myself to now live in fear. The evening of my attack, I returned to the scene. I continue to ride this path - my favorite ride -  but with a large can of mace in my front pack.

Keep doing your show and telling your stories, comments, and opinions. You never know when or how they might ring true for a listener on any given day.



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