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Letters From Listeners

Let Him Be the Man!

Thank you for sharing Colin's email about the simple pleasures of manhood. I also had to learn the difference between a female and a lady, and to decide which I wanted to be. I have four brothers and growing up I always had to prove I could keep up with them. Being a girl was no excuse for weakness. As I grew older I took pride in being a strong independent woman, I felt I had to be.

One day one of my brothers approached me with concerns about my current relationship "Does he even open doors for you?" he asked. I had never cared about that kind of thing but after speaking with my brother I realized I should. I broke it off with my boyfriend and decided the next time around things would be different.

I am now happily married to an incredible man. It looks like I have him so well trained but it is actually the other way around! He taught me not only is he showing me respect by taking care of me but I show him respect by letting him. I need to let him be the man! Sometimes he doesn't understand how much I rely on his emotional support so when I bring him jars to open or ask him to get something off of the high shelf, it shows him in a very tangible way I need him and he is my hero.

I had to make an effort to let go of that tough little girl who wanted to keep up with her brothers but I am so glad I did. The other day, my husband and I were in a hurry to go somewhere so I started to open the car door for myself but he stopped me. As he opened the door for me he said firmly, "We are never in that much of a rush." That had me smiling for the rest of the day.


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