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Email of the Day

Life Beyond 40, 50, and 60!

Dear Dr. Laura, 

I have been a listener since your days of AM radio - and even though I often cringe when you pinch a listener's head off, most of the time I agree with you. 

As a young woman, I trained long and hard to become a professional dancer. It was my joy and passion!! I had some success, dancing on tv, in movies and a lot of professional theater productions. When I married a wonderful man and we were blessed with 2 beautiful little girls, it became obvious that my daughters needed a mommy more than I needed to perform. I have heard the definition of sacrifice is "giving up something good for something better." For me, the "something better" was providing my husband and children with a happy, stable home environment. So, with a heavy heart, I chose to give up my dancing career, knowing that there would be no going back as the window of time for a dancer is very small.  For years, I tried to fill the void with teaching, choreographing, donating time to Community Theater and doing small professional dance projects. 

My husband and I raised our girls to become morally strong women. They chose good men to marry and have presented us with our 7 perfect grandchildren. 

And then at age 60, I found ballroom dancing!  It was REALLY hard at first, but eventually the old muscle memory came back, the pounds fell off and after decades, I began to experience again the JOY in performing challenging, but beautiful dance routines. My coach decided it was time to start competing.  Yikes! We began to compete in the Pro/Am division - I dance with my coach. He's the Pro and I'm the Am. Slowly my skills and confidence returned. I never could have imagined what lie ahead. Last year, at age 66, I won a World Title! I was crowned, "World Open Gold Senior Pro/Am Rhythm Champion." The 5 rhythm dances are: Cha-cha, Rumba, East Coast Swing, Bolero and Mambo. I was thrilled beyond words. Many other doors have opened since then - too many to mention here. 

I tell this story to let young women know, there is life - and even fulfilled dreams - beyond your child rearing years. Thankfully, my talented daughters have also chosen to put their own careers on hold to raise our grandchildren. 

Thank you for continuing to be a "mommy and child advocate". Your message is needed in the world, now more than ever. 

With admiration from a very happy and fulfilled listener, 



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