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Email of the Day

Life Is Too Short to be Bitter

I am 54-years-old and married for 31 years. I have become very bitter to my husband over things that have happened throughout the years.

This last year has been really bad, so I went to buy your book, "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands," but did not buy it -- instead the more I read it, the madder I got.  I thought: How come he isn't making the effort...Why do I have to, after all the things he's done to me and the marriage?  I just really didn't care anymore. Then he called me one day, and asked me to go away for a night to spend some time together and my heart skipped a beat and I realized we still had that “thing.”  And even though we ended up not going, I knew our feelings were not dead.

Two weeks ago, I was planning a trip to visit my sons and decided to buy your book to read during my trip. I left on Monday and my husband was coming to join us on Thursday. I started reading Monday night and by Thursday was a new person. I took your advice and by Friday night (after an intimate encounter with my husband), he was saying things to me like: “Where have you been? This is the Kathy I fell in love with…”  He has been so different to me…more loving and caring in every way.

We wives really do have the power.

Thank you, Dr Laura.  Life is too short to be bitter - I'm done with that. I like how he looks at me and wonders what got into me.  I took him a cup of coffee in bed this morning and he invited me to meet for lunch later. See, it really works. We have each other, and I plan to make the most of that.  We are very lucky.



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