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Letters From Listeners

Living Within Your Means


I am one of the few these days who was taught financial lessons growing up. Ever since I started to receive money for birthdays or babysitting, my parents sat me down and showed me how to budget and save money. I was encouraged to wait to move out until I had 6 months of living expenses saved. I brought that perspective about money into my marriage and it has been a huge foundation that I lean on to make many financial decisions with my husband today. I am updating our budget weekly and have never paid a bill late. The only debt we have is our car loan and we are trying to pay more than the minimum every month. My parents have been the best example in paying off land and homes in record time and being accountable in all financial aspects. I am so grateful for their example and we are teaching our kids the same. Pay with cash, delayed gratification and live within our means.


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