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Email of the Day

Losing Friends or Friending Losers?

Dear Mom/Dr. Laura,

Ever since I "met" you, my life has become REAL and BEAUTIFUL. I was living in blindness, ignorance, cowardness, and confusion. My values were uneducated. I had no solid criteria for choosing friends. So, anyone was good.

Ever since I found exactly what I needed and more (you are my Mentor), I am happier.

Amend that: I am happy.

I cleaned up my list of "friends". I finally made sense of what a friend is or should be.
Throughout the “cleaning” process, I offended many.  I have done “Friendship Alchemy” tests that failed, or came out in untrue colors, so I hit the “delete” button.

My life is in a far better place, and I intend to keep it in this place. Your legacy to me is that I am now living my life.

Thank you. Thank you for teaching me how to swim in this ocean full of sharks.

I love you and always will.



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