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Email of the Day

Losing a Spouse

Dear Dr Laura,

I have heard letters on your show many times and cried.  Now it is my turn to share.

Just last June, my husband and I (who were driving partners in a big rig) crashed in Texas. In a matter of moments, my life changed. My husband was driving and I was in the sleeper. He was killed and I had a broken leg and some fractures. We were always together 24/7, in work and at play.

Women out there often forget who their best friends really are. Whether or not you agree on something, they are still your best friends. I miss my best friend so much it hurts. I thank God I have my daughters who came to my rescue and have put their lives on hold to take care of me and help me through all this chaos. I know I will be okay in time and with help from all my family and friends.

I just wanted to share my experience with you and hopefully it will help some of your listeners to not forget about who your best friend really is.

Much love,


Tags: Behavior, Death of a Spouse, Honor, Marriage, Read On-Air, Respect
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