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Letters From Listeners

Love Notes For College

As I prepared to take my daughter to college today, I wrote a note inside a sketch book for her to express my thoughts of the last years. I thought I would share it with you since you have been so influential in the raising of my 3 children.

To my Precious Cassie Belle,

As I sit to write you a note, I am shocked by how fast the last 18 years have gone. From the day you were born, I knew what a special girl you were. You are such an incredible mix of your Dad and I. I have enjoyed every moment, from sickness, school drama, and of course my favorite, horse riding.

To watch you learn to lose with such grace and work so hard for a silly ribbon. The lessons you learned competing have truly prepared you for life's ups and downs. And a side note, left you no time for boys.

So as you enter your freshman year of college, have fun, study hard and choose your friends wisely. I am only a phone call away. I look forward to you spreading your wings. So start flapping your wings as I gently push you out. I am so proud of you and love you more than you will ever understand until you are a mom! "Out of all the little girls in the world, why did God give me you"



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