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Email of the Day

Loving Each Other 365 Days A Year

Dr. Laura:

Two weeks ago, I was sick with the flu.  My sweet husband cared very well for me.  Up until I got sick, he asked me what I wanted for Valentine's Day.  I kept saying I didn't want anything.  At church, he wrote me a note on the back of the church bulletin and folded it into an origami heart.  I just melted.

On Valentine's Day (February 14), he came home from work after a 12-hour shift, and he had a high fever.  I went into action mode, taking his temperature, giving him medicine, pouring a bath, and giving him fluids to drink.  I changed the sheets so he could be comfortable and after his bath, I tucked him in and said "Happy Valentine's Day!"  He giggled and said, "You're such a HOT Valentine!"  And we both laughed at the ridiculous pun.

So while he didn't bring me flowers or candy or a card on Valentine's Day, the laugh we had and the assumption that we absolutely love each other was so much better than any gift.  We love each other 365 days a year.  It's hard sometimes, but I would never be happier than when I'm changing the sheets, pouring a bath, and finding clever ways to get him to drink liquids.  This was our best Valentine's Day ever.  

Dr. Laura, you "level" me and center me and remind me that I am here to make his life better.  We even have a little competition going, where we try to "out love" each other every day.  We both listen to you, and your show always prompts wonderful conversations.  




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