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Email of the Day

'MVP' of the Family

Dear Dr. Laura:

My husband is a police officer who serves on the SWAT and helicopter teams.  He is gone a lot, but luckily, we live within the city he serves, so I cook dinner whether he can be there or not, and sometimes he is there to sit down with us.  The last year is the first time in eleven years I've ever seen my husband cry before going to work.  I can't imagine everything he is going through - trying to protect people and being scrutinized and afraid for his safety at the same time.  

The other night, he left me a note saying how much he loved me and how I am the "MVP" of the family.  Please keep letting wives know how much our precious men need us, especially those who are defending us and who are first responders.  No matter what your husband's job is, be sure to kiss them goodbye every morning, and make a wonderful home for them to come back to at night (or if they're on long shifts of duty, whenever it is that they are able to make it home.  Thank you, Dr. Laura, for remind us wives how important we are!

Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Choose Wisely-Treat Kindly, Marriage, Relatives, Values
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