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Letters From Listeners

'Man Up'

I listen to the show daily and I Love It! Carson always does a great job playing just the right song at just the right time!

I recently purchased an album by the singer, Nikki Lane, who has a song called "Man Up." Thought y'all might like to check it out. Reminds me of some folks who call in. They need to hear it. Might be a good clip to play from time to time for these men who aren't Manning up! Enjoy.

Take care and I'll be listening

Man Up
By Nikki Lane

Where do you think I'm getting all these flowers?
You've been watching T.V. for hours and hours
Don't you ever think our love has gone and fade
I'm supposed to be a girl, I don't wanna be a lady

Better take a hard luck before I say good-bye
You better get up your ass, you better man up
I'm gon' have to be the one who acts tough
You better love me like like you can't get enough like
Only thing that makes you feel so good If you find someone you know, and man up

My roof's been leaking since last July
That bucket's full of the tears that I cried
I gotta find some place that's nice and dry
My dear momma, she said my oh my
My ma ma man up, better grab his ducks and fly
Don't take his hard luck
I had to say goodbye

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Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Dating, Marriage, Relationships, Stress, Values
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