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Letters From Listeners

Men Protecting Women


Dr. Laura,

I'm seventy years old, Vietnam Veteran, twenty eight years a fighter pilot. I got to travel extensively with the military, to every state in the Union and almost every continent on the world. My second career as a high school physics teacher. Now I am retired, working on a family farm. I've got a BS in physics, MS Personnel Mgt., Graduate of Air Command and Staff College plus several other military schools. My wife, whom I love with all my heart, and I have five children, 18 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. Please understand I am not bragging, I feel I am very blessed. God has blessed me far beyond my abilities or intelligence. I feel I am really just an average guy; however, I also feel I have been exposed to more information than most.

I was listening to your program when you were talking about men paying the bill when on a date. I believe women and men are different, really different, more than just the plumbing. However, I feel that we compliment each other. We support each other. My wife has skills and strengths that I do not and I have skills and strengths she does not. Together we make a whole. We are incomplete without each other.

Most of us have seen the movie "Titanic" which is a great story of love and sacrifice. There is a scene that, in my opinion, exemplifies the stark distinction between the roles of men and women.

You might remember the scene where Jack is in the icy water clinging to the side of a large door while Rose is lying on top of the door out of the water. Jack, of course, is in the water because the door is not sufficiently buoyant to hold both of them out of the water. There are several romantic and poignant verbal exchanges before Jack slips slowly into the icy depths. It's a very heart-wrecking scene. People probably experience a multitude of emotions. It is very sad for Jack, but also at this point he becomes somewhat of a hero. No one of course feels any ill feelings for or about Rose.

Let's change the scene. Visualize Rose in the icy waters clinging to the door and Jack on top of the door. Once again there are several romantic verbal exchanges at the end of which Rose slips slowly into the depths. How would you feel about Jack?  I would maintain there would be more than ill feelings. I dare say there would be verbal abuse. I would suggest that if this scene were used the movie would have failed miserably at the box office.


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