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Email of the Day

Miss Grace

I listen to you when I am traveling and often, I hear a call that leaves a mark on my heart.  Once not too long ago, you asked men what it meant to them to carry their new bride over the threshold.  By the end of these calls, I had tears in my eyes, especially when one man said that it meant he was whisking his new bride off her feet!

So, when I got home, I asked MY husband what it meant to him.  His answer was that it meant that he was my protector and the guardian of my heart.  My husband is also worthy of my love, respect and appreciation and is a man of integrity.  Every day, he calls me (or I him) to say thank you for being married to him for another day.  This started the day we were married and has been going on now for over nineteen years.  Every night, if his head is not lying on my chest, we fall asleep holding hands.  He makes me want to strive to be a better woman for him.  He is "my sweetheart" and I am his "Miss Grace."  I am truly proud to call him my husband and proud to be his wife.


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