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Letters From Listeners

Moms Matter to Kids

One of my favorite pictures of my kids is one that was taken in our backyard in a small plastic pool when all three kids were young.

My three children are all within 3 1/2 years in age. In this picture, my youngest is about 6 months old so my oldest would have been about 4 at the time.

I keep this picture over my desk at work and look at it every day.

The thing I like most about the picture is the content look on the kids' faces, they look secure and worry free, nothing to be concerned about as long as the hose doesn't get a kink in it.

This was all made possible because they had a stay-at-home mom. As parents we made a lot of sacrifices to have my wife at home for 20 years. Her last day at work was the day before Jamie was born. Now we have 3 well-adjusted, responsible and productive young adults.


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