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Letters From Listeners

Moms Not Paying Attention to Their Kids

I was getting a manicure and pedicure recently; a luxury I do not often afford myself. While I was in the chair a lady came in with her son. We recognized each other in that we both had kids in the same elementary school. We talked about her son in kindergarten not being in school that day. He was recently diagnosed with asthma and she felt he was coughing and having too many symptoms. So she brought him to her appointment. She was getting a pedicure and her nails filled. As you can imagine it took some time. The boy alternated between the iPad and his DS. He was soon bored and came to stand next to his mom. She was texting and playing with her phone. At one point the boy had taken his mom's drink full of ice water and placed it into a cup holder that was on the chair. He was very proud of this discovery and wanted to share it with his mother. He repeatedly said her name to get her attention. She answered, "What?", but would not look up from her phone. It took him more than 10 tries to get her to finally look over and see what he had done. When she did she was very congratulatory and positive.

It made me think watching from the outside, how many times my kids have to do something to get my attention. From a watcher view, it looked a little pathetic on how many times the poor child tried desperately to get his mom to just "look". I know I could be guilty of similar crimes. I am going take this as a lesson learned and do better.


Tags: Parental Attention, Parenting
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