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Letters From Listeners

Moms on Phones While with their Children

Dear Dr. Laura,

I am SO glad you brought this up! I can't tell you how many times I have seen moms on their phones in grocery stores while their children are acting up. I saw a child tip over a cart while standing in it!  I have seen children grabbing things off of shelves, and many, many crying children -- The moms were on their phones. The children were either vying for their attention, or needing guidance and all the mom did is squeeze their little arms and yanked them back to their place. As for the one that fell?  While the child was crying with the cart on top of him, the mom said, "I TOLD you not to stand up... That's what you get."

The grocery store is like a Geiger counter for moms. It measures their ability to multitask and care for their child at the same time in a public venue. I can only imagine what it's like when they are at home. A mom on the phone has always been a source of competition for children. Any mom can tell you that the minute they pick up the phone, the children start needing them. The fact that the phone is now mobile has made many children feel like they are ALWAYS second in line for attention. These are the parents that are going to complain in 10 years that all their kids do is text and talk on the phone!

When my children were small, I loved going to the grocery store.  Having them sit in the cart and face me was a time to talk. As they got older, I would teach them about price comparison. When we passed through the produce aisle, I would teach them about how to choose vegetables and fruits and give them an apple to eat instead of a free cookie at the bakery. This satisfied them so they didn't want cookies and junk.

Come on parents! Life is too short - enjoy every minute with your children.


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