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Letters From Listeners

Music and Kids
Dear Mom a.k.a. Dr. Laura,

When I was growing up, any music was approved to listen to and that was across the board. Now, I really did not question too many things, so when I heard all the "love/drug" music of the 60's and early 70's, I had no clue what many of the words meant. I listened to the actual music.

Now that I'm older and hear that music, I am shocked that as a young child I was able to listen to it. Did I grow up to be a delinquent? No, and I was not really worse for the hearing. Most of my friends were no worse for the hearing of said music either. The culture of the times still dictated civility and manners. Rebelling was to go bra-less or, for the guys, wearing your hair long.

With my son, the early 90's seemed pretty tame. We had an anything goes for music and things that could be read (obtained from a local library) policy. Movies were another thing. Those I did restrict those by viewing them first, then the kiddo could watch. And I taught self-censoring.

Now with my future (hopefully) grandchildren, it could be a much different story. Society is much different and you have to go beyond the fringe extremes to rebel. I would want my grandchildren to have a variety of music available to them and for my son and (future) wife to teach self-censoring rather than mandating. Hearing the music of today allows us to teach how NOT to be.

Warmest Regards,

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