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My Daughter is Dating a Guy 21 Years her Senior

Hi, I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  Welcome to our YouTube and the nice view.  Jared wrote:

"Should I have a conversation with my 29 year old daughter regarding her relationship with a 50 year old man? [I'm sorry I was sort of stunned there.]  I've actually expected her to bring it up. Do you have pros and cons to help me give her some fatherly advice regarding the challenges if she asks for it?"

No, I think you should go talk to the 50-year-old guy.  I know she's an adult, I got that, but I think you need to man-to-man with the 50 year old guy and say, "My daughter didn't ask me to be here; I didn't tell her I was coming here.  I'm here, man-to-man.  Go get a woman your own age.  Don't be messing around with my daughter.  She needs to be with someone her own age so they can grow together, and grow old together and have challenges together.  You just want a cute, hard body who adores you because, quite frankly, at 20 something, she doesn't know better.  So, I'm counting on you, man-to-man to do the right thing and to leave my daughter alone."

In the old days, that's how this situation would have been handled.  I like the old days.  There are so many things about the old days that really worked.  There was no date rape in the old days because girls didn't go out with some guy, get drunk, get naked and go to his place...(I'm sorry) get drunk, go to his place, get naked and then go, "Oops!"

In the old days with young people, the guy had to talk to the father, everybody knew who everybody was, they went to places that were public, girls didn't get drunk because that was unseemly behavior and you would get in trouble.  I mean think about it, the old days had morals, values, principles and ethics and basically those were prophylactic.  They kept you from getting in trouble. 

And part of the old days was dad would go take care of this.  So, don't punch him out, just sit down with him and say, "Be a man.  A real man does not do this to a young woman."

I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger, until next time on our You Tube channel, go do the right thing!


My Daughter is Dating a Guy 21 Years her Senior 

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