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Email of the Day

My Dear Wife

Dear Dr Laura,

My wife listens to you religiously -- in the house, in the car, etc. and I simply want to thank you for helping her have a great attitude towards marriage and life.

Last week, she bought some new glass drinking tumblers on the internet in a closeout.  When they came, they looked great; however, one of them has a sharp spot on the seam where the glass was made. I looked at it and said, "No big deal.  I can take a small tool I have and sand it off." She said "great" and set the glass out for me.

Well, fast forward two days…. I came out of the bedroom this morning to make coffee, and the glass was next to the coffee maker with a note.  It simply said, "I'll show you my boobs if you'll sand the glass today." No nagging, just sweet fun humor. The glass is getting sanded first thing when I get home.

Thanks again.

Sincerely yours,


Tags: Attitude, Humor, Husband's Girlfriend, Man's point of view, Marriage, Men's Point of View, Sex, Thankful
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