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Email of the Day

My Dr. Laura 'Thank You' List

Dear Dr. Laura:

I've heard you say you read every email, and I believe you.  I hope this list brings you joy, just like you do for me five days a week.  So here goes - my Dr. Laura "thank you" list!

  1. Thank you for not retiring.  I don't know how you keep going with a clear head, but I thank you for keeping it up.

  2. Thank you for giving me the perfect word or phrase to describe what is in my head in my own situations.  Descriptions roll off your tongue effortlessly all the time, and they are always PERFECT!

  3. In line with that, thanks for expanding my vocabulary.  Just recently, you used the word "self-aggrandizing," and gave me a new word to use.

  4. Thank you for your laugh (well I guess you really can't take credit for it), because it makes you seem real when you sometimes can seem a little scary!

  5. Thank you for changing my "label" from "stay-at-home mom" to "full time mother."  I write it on applications and forms.  If something asks for my salary, I write "paid in hugs, kisses and bouquets of weeds held in a chubby little fist."

  6. Thanks for being blunt about abortion, calling it what it really is - getting sucked into a sink.

  7. Thanks for singing along to the music.  Your timing is usually three seconds AFTER the lyrics, but you go for it, and your joy of song is contagious.  It's adorable. 

  8. Thank you for stressing the importance of one's own created circle and the unimportance of one's DNA.  

  9. Thanks for being strong while stressing the importance of feminine wiles.  It's not a contradiction, is it?

Thank you for all these things and more. 

With much gratefulness in my heart, 


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