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Email of the Day

My Husband "Rocks"!!!



I live in upstate New York and we had some severe weather recently. I was out to dinner with two friends when my husband phoned me to say our area was under a tornado watch. He asked me to phone him when I left the restaurant, which I did. 

At the top of our country road there was a landslide of large rocks and the only way to our home was completely blocked. The car before me ripped out his gas tank trying to cross landslide. There was traffic on both sides of the road with no way out. I phoned my husband to let him know the situation and that it might be some time before I made it home. 

Moments later, my husband walked up the road and started to pick up rock by rock and move them to the side. Other men in the stranded cars saw this and started doing likewise.  Within minutes, we were able to drive through a small path that was cleared. As I watched this from my car, I thought about what you say on-air --  "Would your husband swim through shark infested waters to bring you a lemonade?" All I can say is, "Yes!" 

Thank you for your show. 


Tags: Choose Wisely-Treat Kindly, Husbands, Marriage, Swim through shark infested waters
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