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Email of the Day

My Knight Who Rides on Cow Poop Covered Hills
IconDr Laura, My husband is a rancher. He works harder than anyone I have ever known, even on days when his knee or back is hurting, or previous injuries (kicks to the leg) from cranky cows are aching. There are times he has to ride up into the hills to check on cows, and he almost always brings me wildflowers. He comes home, pulls the tad-bit scrunched but beautiful flowers out of his pocket, and gives me a kiss as he hands them to me. I think about your saying about a man being willing to "swim through shark-infested waters to bring you lemonade." My man is willing to walk across cow-poop covered hills to bring me flowers! Those flowers are more beautiful to me than any bouquet he could ever buy me! I know when he brings them to me that as he is riding his horse on those hills, and when he sees pretty wildflowers, he's thinking of me. I can't tell you how much it means to me that he does that. He is definitely my Knight in Shining Armor. Even when his "armor" is mud- and "crud"-caked, he still shines to me! A very lucky ranch wife- H.
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