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Letters From Listeners

My Letter to the Susan G. Komen Foundation

As a past walker with the Susan G. Komen Foundation, I'm INCREDIBLY disappointed in the way this organization has waffled and crumbled under pressure with regard to the Planned Parenthood decision. Putting aside the aspect of who the funding was going to, just the fact that SGK announced a decision, and then went back on that (incredibly noble) decision is bad enough, but to turn around and pledge support to an organization the likes of Planned Parenthood is just horrendous.

I'm a self righteous goody two-shoes; just your average middle class mom. BUT, I am a mom with 3 daughters. I am a mom who walked in support of what SGK stands for - LIFE, among other things - just last November, and walked with a team which had one of the highest fundraising totals in our state. I AM a mom who is terrified at the thought of an organization like P.P., which can perform on my under-aged, teen daughters a surgical procedure resulting in the death of a child. That they can do this terrible thing to children WITHOUT EVEN THE KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT from the minor child's parents is just criminal.

Shame on you Susan G. Komen Foundation. Shame. I will never again be walking for the Komen Foundation in the future, nor will I support anyone who does. I am not the first on my team to feel this way, either.

Time to re-evaluate what you stand for.....LIFE.


Tags: Abortion, Breast Cancer, Planned Parenthood, Social Issues, Values
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