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Email of the Day

My Mom Is a Hero; My Dad Is a MAN


Dr. Laura,

I have heard you call women who placed their babies for adoption your heroes. My mom is one of them. When my mom was 20 she made a mistake and got pregnant. The man who got her pregnant stepped up and proposed to her, but my smart, spiritual, wise mom knew that a young partying college student wasn't ready to take care of a family. She decided to place her baby for adoption and temporarily moved to the city where the adoption would take place. The MAN who got her pregnant was determined to take care of his family. He quickly grew up, got a job, got a house, got baptized into her religion and followed her to the new city. He then proposed again and they were married 2 weeks after the baby was born (my mom looked great!). It is 35 years later and they had 4 kids - all of us are now married and have kids, in that order. We had our fair share of tough times, but I always knew I was loved by a mom AND a dad.

I want to thank you for advising unmarried women to go for adoptions and for single ladies to find a MAN. When I was looking for the right man to marry, I knew he would have to be accepted by my father and 3 brothers. I know for a fact that my decision would have been much different if I didn't have a good example of a real man in my life. I am so grateful I chose to marry a MAN who will do the same for my 2 girls and boy. What a difference it makes to have 2 quality parents.

Thank you for trying to save humanity.

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