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Email of the Day

My One Woman Quest

Hi Dr. Laura:

My sister visited recently, and she was constantly checking her phone and/or her Facebook site.  Other family members who she hadn't seen in years were also visiting us at that time, but every time her iPhone buzzed, she had to pull herself away from the real conversation to see what information her latest message contained.  As soon as she was finished reading, she expected the rest of us to fill her in on what she had missed in our discussion!  I put my foot down and refused to participate in that "catch up" game, and she got really annoyed at me.  

People think they are "tuned in" to society by using their electronic devices, but in reality, they are "tuning OUT" society.  It's not just rude to the people you are with to behave that way, but you also miss out on enjoying the moment you're in!  

Adults as well as teens are addicted to their cell phones, and I intend to continue my one woman quest to get friends, relatives or even acquaintances to stop this boorish behavior when they're in the company of others.  Wish me luck!

Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Internet-Media, Relatives, Social Issues, Stress, Teens, Values
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