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Email of the Day

My Promise to My Daughter
IconDr Laura, Thank you for your delightful radio show and blog. I believe it's people like yourself who help give a voice to those individuals who seem to be a minority in today's world. I just want to share a few of choices I have made as a father. I am married with two teenage daughters. I have a full time job but I do the majority of my work at home. I arrange my day so I can take my kids to school in the morning and I am there to pick them up in the afternoons. I was a PTA father, taught chess at their elementary school, helped them with their homework and made a home cooked meal almost every night. I have been offered several promotions in my work with more money but all of the positions would require me to put in more time at work and that would mean I would have less time at home. It's not that I am sheepish about taking on more responsibility at work, but I know someday my daughters will replace me as the only man in their lives with a much younger, better looking one. Then it will be my wife and I at home. It's then that I will accept more responsibility at work. But not so much that my marriage would play second fiddle. I have seen many of my friends and family buy expensive cars, houses, and rack up so much debt that they were forced to work 60 hour weeks in order to stay on top of their payments. Only to end up divorced and claiming bankruptcies a short time later. Recently my daughter just turned 16. In our house that means she is allowed to start dating in a group. For her birthday I gave her a promise ring and told her I made a promise when she was born that I would love and support her with all my heart. I told her the next man who puts a diamond ring her finger must make the same commitment to her and support her for the rest of her life. I explained marriage is for real and should not be taken lightly. Being a teenager, she rolled her eyes, but everyday I see her ring on her finger and I know I got the message across. I want to thank you again for being on the radio, I want you to know that I made a choice and I'm glad I did. Thanks T.
Tags: 9/11, Family/Relationships - Teens, Men's Point of View, Morals, Ethics, Values, Parenting, Teens, Values
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