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Letters From Listeners

My Proud Mama Moment

Recently a family friend who has made some really bad choices in her life found herself abandoned by one of her worst ever choices: her married boyfriend and father of her two kids.

My 10-year-old daughter and I went to help her gather her things and bring them to a safe haven. As we're driving my daughter asked questions about what was going on and why this man is leaving. Suddenly she said, "Oh, is this what Dr. Laura means by you need to find a man, not a boy?" Such a clarifying moment!

Thank you for speaking out and telling it like it is no matter what people do or say about you! I've listened to you on and off since the early '90s and I must say I absolutely love you more than ever since you've left broadcast radio and have gone to SiriusXM.

Tags: Family/Relationships - Children, Friends, Friendships, Parenting, Personal Responsiblity, Relationships
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