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Letters From Listeners

My 'Shopping Buddy'

I just heard a caller tell how her preschooler commented that she wasn't a stay-at-home mom because she worked as a nurse. This prompted me to recall when my youngest son was that age and made a similar comment.

He had overheard me extol the joys of being a stay-at-home mom, and as we were walking away, he said:

"You're not a stay-at-home mom. We go to the grocery store, to the library . . ."
The comment made me laugh then and has made me smile many times over the years. I named him "my shopping buddy". Tomorrow my husband and I will travel to see "my shopping buddy" graduate from college.

I couldn't be prouder to be my kid's mom! Love you and love your show! Keep up the good work!

Tags: Humor, Motherhood-Fatherhood, Parenting, Stay-at-Home Mom
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