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Letters From Listeners

My Studying Strategy

I was listening to your program on SiriusXM yesterday when you started talking about the methods you used to study while in college and had a deja vu moment. I was a solid B student in high school but still managed to get a half-tuition scholarship to a small science specialty college in PA. I will admit this was over 30 years ago. I employed similar methods as you - complete with colored pens. The only difference was I would first take notes on scrap paper and each night I would recopy those notes into notebooks using the colored pens to emphasize etc. Then when it came to studying for the test I would go over those notes over and over again. At times it did not even look like I was studying but when it came to exams I could literally see the page in my mind, allowing me to "read" the answer from my notes. On the weekends I also made a schedule of what I was going to study, when and for how long. These techniques helped me to a 4.0 GPA undergrad and grad school. They also worked when I returned to school for a second career. And this was without the help of a computer, internet and all electronic media. No word processor. I had to use an electric typewriter, carbon paper and bottles of liquid paper.

Not everyone is or was college material. For some reason these days everyone is pushed to college when some are not college material. What happened to vocational schools? We had a vocational high school with classes for electricians, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, etc.

I really enjoy your show and wish society would wise up especially when it comes to our kids. I think some things changed when the shame was taken out of teenage moms? I know of 1 girl in my senior class that was pregnant and she married the boy before graduation. That was in 1977 and 4 years later after my BS, I substitute taught between undergrad and grad schools. The first pregnant girl I had in class made me do a double take and when I had one in an 8th grade class I could not believe it. I now see girls as young as 12 give birth, it is criminal. Enough of my soap box.

Take care and stay on the air.


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