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Letters From Listeners

My Young Daughter's Perspective

Yesterday, I was sitting on the bed reading something and my 3-year-old daughter sat down beside me with a book of her own, probably hoping I would read it to her (for the third or fourth time). Her book was about Johnny Appleseed and there was one illustration in which Johnny was splitting wood with an ax in his bare feet. One foot looked like it was perilously close to the log he was cutting. She pointed it out to me and asked if Johnny was going to cut his foot. I said "It looks like it, but no, I don't think so. I think he'll move it in time." I went back to reading my own stuff and a few moments later she asked me the same question. I gave a similar response and continued reading. Then I heard the sound of tearing paper and looked over to find that she had torn several pages right out of the book. I said, "YOU RIPPED THE BOOK!"

She responded indignantly, "HE WAS GOING TO CUT HIS FOOT!"

I about died laughing. She was not amused.


Tags: Child's humor, Humor, Laughter, Parenting
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