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Email of the Day

Necessities That Money Cannot Buy

Dear Dr. Laura:

When my children were little, you reassured me that my status as a full-time mom was not due to laziness, privilege or lack of ability to get a "paying" job.  

During those years, we struggled and budgeted to get by on one income.  We raised six children.  We went to the dollar matinee instead of first-run movie theatres.  We didn't take a vacation every summer, but we loved to lay outside at night on pillows and blankets looking at the stars.

One year, our almost 17-year-old son was killed in a car accident.  I was stricken with grief and pain.  I heard about the guilt that parents feel at the loss of a child because they didn't show them enough love or didn't spend enough time with them.  I never experienced that feeling.  One thing I knew without a doubt was that my boy KNEW how much I loved him.  Our memories were filled with tender times and crazy fun - all the necessities that money cannot buy.

Keep your voice loud and clear, Dr. Laura.  Your words are wise and if heeded, will spare many a listener untold heartache.  


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Tags: Finances, Parenting, Stay-at-Home Mom, Women's Point of View
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