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Letters From Listeners

Needed: Bird-Brained Mothers

We have these little birds in our yard called Killdeer. They nest on the ground among some small rocks along side at the end of our driveway. If we even venture in the direction of the nest, Mama Killdeer will begin screaming at us, and we have no doubt what she's saying! If we continue to walk down the driveway, she will run off to draw our attention away from her nest. She'll feign an injured wing to attract us to her and away from her babies. She'll even take on our car without hesitating. Now that's a mother! Somewhere along the line, many human parents have let their big brains get in the way of their innate nature to protect their children. I can proudly say, I'm a bird-brained mom!

Tags: Mothers, Parenting
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