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Letters From Listeners

No Good Works for Predators

I just saw your Daily Dose newsletter for the topic, "Lessons Parents Should Learn from the Sandusky Trial" with an emphasis on protecting children. BRAVO!!!

I wish I could have talked to you about it because I am a survivor/victim of childhood sexual abuse. I was molested and eventually repeatedly raped, no other way to describe it, from the age of about four and a half until I was twelve. And after a lifetime of torturous reflection (I'm 62 now), PTSD and a dozen years in therapy with literally about 7 different therapists and psychiatrists I have a good deal to say about the subject.

Most of what's in the media is way too soft on the subject. A good example is all of the press about the so-called "good works" of that "person". What the prosecutors and others fail to understand is that even the acts he is supposedly lauded for - ALL of those good works - were nothing more than well thought out, deliberate and covert excuses to grant him access to an unlimited assortment of the bodies of little boys. ALL OF IT! So there were NO GOOD WORKS! The man was a seething pit of evil, preying on the weakest and most vulnerable people in our society: CHILDREN!

None of the punishments he might receive are adequate to such an evil, deliberate crime. It's not only my personal experiences lending me that opinion, which are many, but a more in depth understanding of that filthy crime and what happens to the victims that makes me feel that way. The long term effects are huge and can affect many generations.

Ergo, there is no punishment sufficient, no hell hot enough to punish that slithering, odious, repulsive excuse for a human being.



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