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Email of the Day

No More Social Media Until I'm At Home

Dr. Laura:

Not long ago, I heard you talking about the dangers of driving while distracted.  I'm a mom of three kids (one of whom is already driving), and this really struck a chord with me.

I'm usually very careful about putting my phone away when I'm driving, but sometimes I do want to pick it up when I hear that text tone, or if I've been sitting in traffic not moving.  When you mentioned it on the air, that's when I decided that I'd no longer check my phone (or more specifically, check social media on my phone) when I was in the car.  

While drinking my coffee this morning, I clicked on Instagram on my phone to see who was up to what, and realized I had been logged out and needed my password to get in.  I figured this was a "sign" and if I want to use social media apps, I can use them on my iPad at home AFTER all my chores are done and the kids are at school.  Any use other than that really is unnecessary.  
Thanks for the "pep" talk (even though you didn't know that's what you were doing at the time)!

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