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Letters From Listeners

No Nonsense Approach Hooked Me

Dear Dr Laura,

I am a 29 year old mother and wife. I discovered your show on SiriusXM radio last fall as I was driving from Alaska, through Canada, into the lower 48. For last minute reasons out of my control I had to make this trip alone with my 2 year old son and my black lab.  I was flipping through channels trying to find something to keep my mind busy.

When I found your show, I heard you yelling at someone to just grow up. I thought you were being mean and I flipped to another channel. But ten minutes later, I turned your show back on. There was something about your no nonsense approach that I couldn't forget. I have been listening to your show ever since. Thanks for keeping me company (and keeping me strong!) on my trip!

Thank you also for reminding me everyday I have the power to be a wonderful mother and wife. Thank you for reminding me my husband is so important and my little boy needs ME more than any other person on earth. Thank you for reinforcing all of the values that I grew up with. I've often felt alone in my beliefs, but your show gives me the strength to keep on believing! It also gives me the strength to teach my little boy ways to successfully grow into a strong young man. And thanks, for giving me the strength to believe that I WILL be able to homeschool my little boy (and future children)




Tags: Morals, Ethics, Values, Regarding Dr. Laura, Social Issues, Values
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