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Email of the Day

No One to Take My Place

Dear Dr. Laura,

On Monday, I gave my two weeks’ notice at the clinic where I work as a registered nurse. I am a mom of six: two adults, three teenagers, and a 5-year-old boy... My husband works out of town overnight several days a week. I increased my work schedule recently from two days a week to four. It included a nice pay increase, and I felt satisfied in my job.

Then I started having anxiety attacks on Sundays. My husband would be leaving the next morning to work out of town, and I would be working at the clinic for four days in the coming week. I knew I didn't get enough work done over the weekend or on my day off during the week and my pile was getting deeper. Chaos had taken over my home. I was too tired when I got home to fix meals, or do dishes or do laundry or go to extra activities; and we ate takeout almost every night. I thought about hiring a housekeeper to make us meals and do some light housework. My nice pay increase was looking pretty dim!

Then something happened: my 5-year-old son woke up one morning with the side of his face swollen. I took him to see a doctor where I work. There was no one to take my place at work and my husband was out of town, so I had to leave him with his babysitter after the appointment and go back to work. The next day he was worse so I took him to a dentist. Again there was no one to take my place.  No one to take my ironic!

I realized for the first time in the seven years since I went back to work that there is no one to take my place as a mom! I can't believe I let the dollar signs take over my thinking. Before it's too late I am going back to being my kids' mom. It won’t take much adjusting either. I will just trade my focus from work outside my home for work inside my home.

Thanks Dr. Laura for being the "nagging" voice to return to what is important. For a long time I didn't think the "nagging" pertained to me.  I thought my situation was an exception. My family isn't an exception. They need their mom at home. No one can take my place!


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